I'm having trouble accessing an article suggested by ChatGPT. Can you help?


If you used ChatGPT or another generative AI tool to identify books or articles on a topic, you may have trouble accessing some of them, because AI models often make up citations for sources that don't exist! This is called AI hallucination.

ChatGPT might give you articles by an author that usually writes about your topic, or even identify a journal that published on your topic, but the title, page numbers, and dates will often be completely fictional. This is because ChatGPT is not connected to web search, so it has no way to identify actual sources.

If you do want to search the web using AI, try using Perplexity or another AI tool that is grounded in a source of real-world information (but note that they can still make up citations in some cases!).

For more information and guidance, visit Evaluating AI Content.

  • Last Updated Apr 12, 2024
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